About Us

Meaning of Pro Patria

Latin: For Fatherland.

What does Pro Patria mean for the Pro Patria Museum

A sense of belonging to the Fatherland (its origin and our roots), its heritage and culture that is worth us preserving, especially our military achievements thus assisting with reconciliation and nation building. 



The Pro Patria Museum NPC aims to honour and recognise the historical role played by the South African Security Forces to create a safe and peaceful environment for an orderly political transition and to educate current and future generations about this role.


  • Inspire people to honour the history of the conflict in South-West Africa, Angolan and South African Theatres.​
  • Establish and sustain a world class museum complex with exhibitions, activities, a research facility, library, commercial and hospitality features to create and a home for the Veterans and their descendants.​
  • Educate the youth about the role the Security Forces played during this part of our country’s history.​
  • Create a global network using the latest technology to realise our vision.​
  • Serve as military tourism anchor at the Voortrekker Monument, Tshwane and South Africa.


The Pro Patria Museum will be established on the terrain of the Voortrekker Monument. The Agreement between the Voortrekker Monument Board and Pro Patria Museum Board is being finalized.


The Pro Patria Museum is a registered non-profit company with registration number: 2022/209580/08.